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Comtrend is offering a limited-time special offer on their 8-port Fast Ethernet Switch! Get it for $4.99 while supplies last or until Jan 31, 2022. Available at KGPCo now.



Comtrend is a leading designer and manufacturer of broadband communication equipment. In 2002, Comtrend distinguished itself in North America by joining the IPTV revolution for telephone service providers. At that time, video over DSL was fraught with quality issues based on the emerging standards, outside plant quality, and interoperability issues. Since that time, Comtrend and the many flavors of DSL have become stable partners to hundreds of service providers worldwide. As new technologies evolved, Comtrend’s broadband gateways have faithfully kept the lead. Today, whether a customer is connected via fiber, cable, satellite, or DSL, a Comtrend gateway will facilitate the fastest connections while integrating TR-069 manageability.  This software technology serves as the backbone to all tiers of service providers, allowing management of tens of thousands of customer premises equipment.



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