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Network Restoration Program

Rely on KGP when storms and natural disasters strike

April 20, 2022

KGP’s Disaster Preparedness & Restoration Program helps Telecommunication Carriers and Network Service Providers repair and rebuild networks quickly following severe weather events and other natural disasters.

Our 24/7 emergency support provides the assistance you need to get back up and running. 

With KGPCo’s capabilities in product sourcing and distribution, we will quickly verify materials and equipment inventory and work with our distribution centers to ship equipment, arrange transportation and ensure delivery.

KGP Services emergency response team is ready when you need us to put the resources you need in place quickly. We respond immediately to get repair work underway in a matter of hours, not days.

How we can help:

KGP Services 

We have over 50 Tower Crews and over 1,000 Inside Plant, Outside Plant and Power technicians ready to deploy to any U.S. location to get  lines and service back up and running.

Equipment & Material

We deliver parts and materials that are required to rebuild networks. This includes fiber, antennas, jumpers, SFPs, poles, cables, strand, anchors, guys, steel and more. We also provide additional items like tents, ladders, generators, safety gear and supplies, PPE and hand sanitizer, satellite phones and even ice and water to keep the restoration process running efficiently and crews operating safely.

Following are some of the disaster recovery products we provide: Fiber, Antennas, Jumpers, SFPs, Poles, Cables, Strand, Anchors, Guys, Steel and more.

Note, this list is not a complete list of parts we can source - we have thousands of the most in-demand products available at all times.


Our Advanced Supply Chain and Distribution can stand up temporary facilities, provide staging and  tents for your crews, fleet needs, boats and more for ease of access and deployment to disaster zones. Our DC Operations, Customer Care and Transportation teams are always on call.

Bundled Offerings

In addition to providing crews, equipment, and logistics services, we conduct the following services to lessen the impact on you and your teams:

  • Site surveys
  • Damage assessments
  • Site clean-up, repair, and replacement


Regardless of when or where a natural disaster strikes, KGP is committed to providing unmatched service to ease the stress of responding and rebuilding, helping you minimize network downtime and recover as quickly as possible.

Contact a KGP Sales Representative to discover how we can be your  partner for disaster recovery. Or, call (800) 755-1950 for 24-hour Emergency Support Services.

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