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KGPCo Experts Support Grid Mod Initiatives

December 5, 2022

The aging power grid in the United States needs an upgrade.

 The US Department of Energy (DOE) has created the Grid Modernization Initiative (GMI) to define the grid of the future. According to the DOE, a modern grid must have:

  •  Greater RESILIENCE to hazards of all types
  •  Improved RELIABILITY for everyday operations
  •  Enhanced SECURITY from an increasing and evolving number of threats
  •  Additional AFFORDABILITY to maintain our economic prosperity
  •  Superior FLEXIBILITY to respond to the variability and uncertainty of conditions at one or more timescales, including a range of energy futures
  •  Increased SUSTAINABILITY through energy-efficient and renewable resources.

 Why the sudden push to update the grid? The proliferation of mobile technology among Americans, enhanced by the COVID-19 pandemic when millions were forced to work and learn from home, shed an unfavorable light on reliable and affordable electricity service. Natural disasters such as flood, fires and hurricanes also pose a very real threat to an already unstable power grid.

 While policy makers, regulators, and shareholders debate the priorities, outline the details, and count the hurdles standing in the way of modernizing the grid, KGPCo is already hard at work with boots on the ground solving the “How.”

 KGPCo has the expertise to support grid modernization initiatives for your network.

 Whether you are considering a Fiber Deployment, Core Network upgrade, Transport evolution or adoption of Next Generation Wireless Services, look to KGPCo. With our Product and Services capabilities and Supplier Partner network, we have the resources and expertise to develop a solution that fits your communications needs.

 Together, we can design and deploy a clear, long-term grid modernization roadmap: one that supports a more efficient network and reliable performance—everything your customers depend on.

 KGPCo is a leader in the communications industry and a women-owned Tier 1 company. Together with a rich portfolio of global OEM partners, we deliver an end-to-end solution for our Utilities customers with solutions in advanced supply chain management, distribution and logistics, implementation services, cloud solutions (IoT/Smart Cities), inside plant (NOCs/COs/HEs), outside plant design and construction, and wireless and smart grid technology. 

 We help our customers build the networks that improve the lives of those within their communities with high-speed connectivity.


The Network Never Sleeps.


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