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Delivering Network Virtualization

Delivering Network Virtualization

September 28, 2023

We sat down with David Dwyer, KGPCo's Manager of Development and Strategic Marketing for Cloud, and talked about how KGPCo has successfully delivered Network Virtualization solutions to customers.

What is the core business of the organization and who are your primary customers?  

Our Cloud division is keenly focused on delivering next-generation integrated network solutions to our customers including Access, IP (Route Switch), and Transport/DWDM.  This allows the customer to provide speed, efficiency, and cost improvements to their end users in the wireless and wireline broadband space. Our customers scale from the largest carriers in the world to regional broadband providers, e.g., Telcos, Electric Co-ops, Municipal’s, and PE Firms seeking traditional or virtualized/disaggregated solutions to improve lead time and reduce capital and/or operating expenses.

Can you share some recent accomplishments or milestones the organization is particularly proud of? 

Building redundant world-class innovation/integration facilities to take any customer concept from a napkin to reality and achieving our Cloud solutions revenue goals the last 3 years. We are recognized as a leader in delivering next-gen solutions at scale globally with a cycle time of weeks instead of months utilizing the KGPCo OneTouch™ process.

Can you explain what network virtualization is, and how it differs from traditional networking approaches?  

In the simplest form, virtualization refers to network functions, VNFs typically deployed on compute devices for use in customer networks or enterprise networks. Disaggregation is separating network operating systems from traditional and new market entrant Route/Switch companies and deploying them on White box Switch (merchant silicon) platforms.

What are the key benefits of implementing network virtualization for telecommunications companies, and how does it impact their bottom line?

It provides carriers with the ability to load any type of Network Operating System (NOS) onto white box hardware to perform the same or more robust functions at a dramatic reduction of expense, typically 30% or higher TCO.  

Can you share examples of successful network virtualization projects you've been involved with? What were the specific challenges faced, and how were they overcome?

A Tier-1 carrier was experiencing long cycle time to deploy cloud nodes. KGPCo was selected to source, integrate, and deploy 100% of their network multi-vendor cloud nodes to support mobile 5G core functions.

We developed a KGPCo OneTouch™ solution that included product sourcing, integration of OEM/grey box/white box equipment, forward and reverse logistics, installation, and maintenance and support. 

As a result, we successfully reduced cycle time from over 140 days to 24 days, with 100% on time completion and an overall quality score of 99.99%.

As customer demands for network services evolve, how can network virtualization enable telecommunications companies to adapt quickly and deliver new services more efficiently?  

In Route/Switch, customers can normalize to common platforms across a number of use cases. Customers can have one white box model and have their choice of any number of NOSs: DriveNets, Ciena, Cisco, Juniper, IP Infusion, etc. Ease of use and flexibility along with commonality reduces overhead and operating expenses.

How do you see the future of network virtualization evolving in the telecommunications industry, especially with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT)?  

 Merchant Silicon has long been a driving force with today’s cloud provider data centers, including some of the largest providers in the world. Many have leveraged commercial off-the-shelf NOSs or developed their own NOS all deployed across several common white boxes.    Further disaggregating is bringing third party optics into the mix giving customers several choices for their network components, no longer vendor locked.    Virtualization is a driver behind 5G (both P5G and traditional 5G), where more functions are loaded onto a server sourced from  Dell or HPE. Loading traditional radio software solutions on that box, further evolved, is combining on the same compute box CSR and other functions. 

Why should a customer choose KGPCo over someone else when considering the transition to virtualized network infrastructures?  

Many industry competitors are “talking about” NFV/5G/IOT/AI and a bevy of next-gen acronyms.  KGPCo has been delivering network virtualization and every aspect of next-gen networking (Core to Far Edge) globally since 2018.  If you plan to deploy such services, call on KGPCo. We have already paved the path to success!

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Delivering Network Virtualization

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