Wireless Service Overview

KGPCo Services Division


Wireless Services Overview

KGPCo has extensive experience providing wireless services for multi-market programs that include new site development, site modifications, small cells, and other related network builds. Our capabilities and experience include the entire range of engineering and deployment services including site acquisition, design engineering, materials management and logistics, construction, installation, testing, and integration. Our projects are dependably completed on-time, within budget and meet all standards of project performance. Our team includes subject-matter experts, hundreds of team members across the country with direct responsibility for performing these tasks to enable KGPCo to effectively scale and deliver exceptional results.

Proven Ability

    Extensive Experience
  • KGPCo and our employees, from the executive and senior management team to project-level employees, have more than 20 years’ experience in the Wireless industry.
    National Footprint, Local Presence
  • KGPCo’s existing footprint includes facilities that cover all of the major markets and 90% of the US population, and over 3,000 resources across the U.S.
    Single Solution Provider
  • With strong relationships with industry leading manufacuturers, dedicated integration center capabilities, and a large footprint of professional service providers, KGPCo is capable of providing complete, in-house, end-to-end solutions.
    Scalable Approach
  • Our financial strength and approach enables us to scale at the rate required to meet demanding customer schedules and deployment needs.