Site Development

KGPCo Services Division

KGPCo provides full service site acquisition solutions to aid in the zoning, leasing, and permitting process of new sites. Site identification, planning and engineering design allows for a smooth transition into the site development process. Extensive experience in site modifiications include audits and lease reviews, co-lo apps, amendments and zoning and permitting support.

KGPCo offers small cell and C-RAN support in the form of site surveys, candidate identification, jurisdictional permitting analysis. We work with fiber and electric utility companies to coordinate and engineer solutions that meet entitlement and easment requirements.

By offering full service architectural and engineering services, KGPCo can provide one touch solutions for new and existing site development. From surveys, to drawings to extensive engineering, mapping and simulations, KGPCo's A&E services will cary through project goals and meet specific customer needs.


Smart Sites

By owning all aspects of the build, KGPCo is able to eliminate delays and reduce costs by engaging in parallel processes throughout the pre-NTP phase.