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Pandemic Drives the Start of an Unlikely Operation

In the early months of 2020, the Coronavirus arrived in the U.S. and by early March its intensity escalated rapidly, becoming a very serious concern around the country. Businesses everywhere began to scramble to secure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for protection from the contagious virus. In greatest demand, and increasingly short supply, was hand sanitizer...

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IP Infusion Introduces Open SD-Edge Platform Powered by DANOS-Vyatta Edition, Promoted by AT&T

The Universal Customer Premise Equipment (uCPE) platform enables Service Providers to deliver a variety of software-defined applications in the cloud with simplicity. By leveraging DANOS-Vyatta edition software, which is widely deployed at scale for multiple ... Read More

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Opening up to Network Disaggregation with DriveNets and KGPCo

In a survey conducted by Heavy Reading this month, nearly half of CSPs predict their companies will radically change their IP Networks in the next three years. The most important selection criteria for a new vendor (52% responded) was for a software-based networking solution, with disaggregation of hardware and software ... Read More

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  • By: Ludovic Rubin

SDN Enabling Network Automation

New user platforms, evolving bandwidth-gobbling applications and insatiable customer demands continue to put greater pressure on legacy network technology, hence driving the need for service providers to respond quicker than ever to an increasingly dynamic environment. Read More...

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  • By: Navid Nawab, AVP, Business Development, KGPCo

The Race for Resources

How many times have you heard the phrase: “Our people are our greatest asset.”? How many companies do you know or have previously worked for, have had these words published in their employee handbooks, training manuals, or HR policies? Do employers really stand behind this statement? Read More...

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  • By: Rob Hughart, AVP Outside Plant Business Unit

Is your network transformation 5G Ready?

Call it a sprint, call it a marathon, but the race to deploy 5G is certainly an interesting one. There isn’t a well-defined ‘right approach’, nor is the journey a straight path, rather a survival-of-the-fittest scenario, befit of Darwinian proportions, is what we will most likely get to see. Read More...

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Disaggregation in Real Life

Despite the hype around open networking and digital transformation, the market can intimidate even the most fearless. There is progress and there are benefits to accelerate innovation through the power of open network architectures, yet at the same time operationalizing open networking and adoption are predictably lagging. Read More...

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  • By: KGPCo

2017 ICT Visionaries Year-End Insights

The promise of 5G will be realized only with a significantly expanded fiber network. This is especially true in rural areas. We need reforms to state and federal regulations that incent companies to invest in deep fiber. Read More...