Product Integration

Product Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions

Have you ever considered using a product integrator to speed up deployment?
Is standardized wiring and assembly important to you?
Are you looking to replicate a common job in a controlled production environment?
Do you need a partner skilled in network deployment services?


At KGPCo, we have created a unique value proposition for our customers with an array of value-added product integration and deployment capabilities allowing our customers to meet specifications, reduce cost and increase speed to market. Simply stated, we save our customers time and money by wrapping product integration and deployment services around the items we distribute or manage for our customers and OEM partners.

Save money: Streamline the manufacturing process and save on total procurement costs, and reduce site administration, waste and inventory costs.

Save time: Deliver a ready-for-turn-up system, cut down on costly delays and get what you need quickly by reducing installation time by 40% or more.

Integrated Solutions:
Our qualified professionals perform services such as assemble, wire, and test (AWT) of your custom solution by integrating the right products from multiple manufacturers according to engineered specifications for just-in-time delivery. KGPCo’s controlled lab environment is built for high quality and productivity, providing significant advantages — economically and efficiently — for field integration work.




Integrated Solutions