Inside Plant Services

KGPCo Services Division


Inside Plant Overview

KGPCo has a broad scope of inside plant services from full rack integration, primary power services, customer premise equipment, and whitebox. KGPCo offers services in design engineering, assemble/wire/test, design optimization and verification, cable assembly and terminations, staging, and rack and roll for central office and data center applications. KGPCo installers are knowledgeable of TIA/EIA and BICSI requirements. With this knowledge, KGPCo is committed to provide quality inside plant solutions and maintains TL9000 certification.

Proven Ability

    Extensive Experience
  • Extensive experience in ramping to meet demanding customer schedules and deployment needs.
    Exceptional Recruiting Capabilities
  • Exceptional recruiting / sourcing, on-boarding, training and deployment capabilities
    Delivering Solid Results
  • Efficient on-boarding process with scale training needs. Resources are deployed to target market at the end of training
    Scalable Approach
  • Our approach allows us to scale at the rate required to meet our customer’s resource needs and schedule



Inside Plant Integration

KGPCo provides full rack level integration with advanced supply chain and EF&I support. KGPCo inside plant integration services include AWTI, design, optimization, and verification along with bay/cabinet pre-assembly and customer premise equipment configuration, refurb testing, and redeployment. Advance supply chain support includes whole order staging, rack and roll, along with E2E quality assurance and control. To discuss in greater detail, contact KGPCo


KGPCo Inside Plant