Fulfillment Center Operations

Product Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions

With well over a billion dollars of inventory flowing in and out of KGPCo’s DCs annually, accurate inventory control, receiving, storage, picking and fulfillment is critical to all parts of our business including customer satisfaction. We support Direct to Consumer, Technician Fulfillment, Storeroom Fulfillment, and Work Order Fulfillment. We offer late cut-off for same day shipping (Typically 4pm local DC) with emergency shipping support 24/7/365.


KGPCo Careers

Our highly skilled inventory management experts use sophisticated software to set safety stock levels and replenishment parameters (and more) to meet industry-leading order fill rates for you. The team also takes into account all the factors that affect inventory availability, including vendor lead time and lead time variability, as well as demand and demand variability. And we use techniques such as demand pooling to determine where to keep specific inventory and at what quantities over the most effective intervals of time.