Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

About KGPCo

KGPCo is committed to Sustainability by providing our Customers solutions that support shared priorities for environmental stewardship, economic prosperity, and corporate social responsibility, through practices that streamline processes, reduce waste, and make the most of resources in the supply chain.

KGPCo prioritizes the safe operation of its facilities, health and safety of its employees and independent contractors, respect for the environment and the communities in which KGPCo operates, as well as the satisfaction of its customers.


A business is not sustainable unless it uses the least amount of resources to produce the most value for its customers.



Diversity Program

KGPCo is certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and California Public Utilities Commission Utilities Supplier Diversity Program as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE). We are committed to actively seeking products and services from diversity organizations to further the efforts of broad collaboration and the advancement of these companies.

Our mission extends beyond the preservation and growth of our woman-owned legacy. Our goal is to inspire and promote professional growth, and to create an inclusive environment and opportunity for all through focused initiatives.





KGPCo contributes to, and participates in activities and events that support our community locally and at-large. In giving back to important causes, KGPCo and its employees live a culture of sharing the opportunities that we have been given.


KGPCo Careers



KGPCo is commitment at every level of the organization, to conduct business in a lawful and ethical manner. KGPCo’s success depends on the integrity at all levels of the company. KGPCo is committed to act with honesty, fairness, and respect, in addition to complying with law and policy.


KGPCo Labor


Labor and Human Rights

KGPCo drives a culture if team work and collaborative productivity. KGPCo fosters an environment where employees are able to function free from discrimination, harassment and/or health and safety hazards. We believe people should have a voice and are encouraged to suggest improvements in the workplace. KGPCo strictly prohibits forced and underage labor and has a zero-tolerance policy on supplier partners and vendors.


KGPCo Sustainability



KGPCo is committed to reducing environmental impact across all areas of our organization. Our aspiration is to develop a circular economy strategy to address the environmental impacts of our business, focusing our efforts to increase employee engagement and awareness to reduce energy and water usage and reuse and recycle waste. Our strategy is anchored in reducing the eight key elements of waste. Reducing waste in our processes, organically reduces our environmental impacts.


KGPCo Ethics


Sustainable Procurement

Strategic partnerships with more than 1,500 suppliers place KGPCo in a unique position to support our Customers’ policies promoting ethical conduct in the workplace, safe working conditions, protection of sensitive information and treatment of workers with respect and dignity, along with responsible manufacturing processes. KGPCo’s annual assessment measures whether suppliers have policies and processes that support generally accepted standards for social responsibility and sustainability.




To report unethical conduct to the Human Resources Department or the Legal Department via KGPCo’s Tip Line, please call (507) 384-4175.