Rip & Replace with CommScope MetroCell

The Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act of 2019 (H.R. 4998) calls for the removal and replacement of network equipment supplied from companies deemed to present a national security risk. A rip and replace of your existing network can be disruptive and costly. CommScope and KGPCo can help make the transition quick, easy, and cost-effective.

KGPCo is your single source provider for your macro cell needs. We stock CommScope base station antennas, end-to-end RF path components, fiber-to-the-antenna connectivity, microwave backhaul, power delivery solutions and structural supports to help you "rip and replace" your network and comply with this new legislation.

CommScope Products for Rip & Replace Initiatives

CommScope Base Station Antenna

Base Station Antennas

CommScope’s 12-port FFV4, multiband antennas are the perfect replacements for your existing antennas. Now you can support all U.S. licensed FDD bands in a 20-inch wide radome, while delivering excellent antenna options.

Interference Mitigation Filters (IMF)

CommScope’s interference mitigation filters use proprietary technology that effectively suppresses interfering bands while passing all desired bands and information. IMF solutions can be deployed as stand-alone filters or integrated info tower mounted amplifiers and multiband combiners.

Ultra-compact Multiband Combiners

Our ultra-compact multiband combiners can help you increase cell capacity while significantly decreasing space requirements and deployment time. They help your growing network adapt and evolve, easily and seamlessly, to the changing wireless environment.

Power Solutions

From fiber and power cables, RF jumpers and connectors, to junction boxes, CommScope’s HELIAX® connectivity portfolio covers all your RF path and fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) architectures. All solutions are engineered and rigorously tested to ensure fast and flexible deployment with superior reliability and PIM protection.

Microwave Backhaul Solutions

CommScope’s single and dual-band microwave backhaul antennas support long and short haul applications and frequencies from 4.4 GHz to 80 GHz (E-Band). Whether you need farther reach or backup for your short haul, a low wind-load antenna for your long haul, or a kit that strengthens your microwave antenna’s ability to withstand higher wind speeds, we have what you need.

Structural Support & Accessories

CommScope designs and engineers support systems and accessories for virtually any microwave or base station antenna structure, tower or monopole. Tested to meet or exceed the latest EIA/TIA requirements, they help ensure stable antenna alignment, RF path integrity, reduced customer churn and a lower total cost of ownership.