Central Office Services

KGPCo Services Division


Full Turnkey Solutions Nationwide

KGPCo can help clients with all aspects of data center builds. From external partners, engineers and suppliers to managing the complexity inherent with technology change, KGPCo can provide one touch solutions for all levels data center construction and maintanance. We provice experienced manpower and soluitons, from planning to architecture, testing to deployment, and beyond including systems development, solution and platform integration, functional testing and overall program management.

Through collaborative sessions with customers & partners, we review solution definitions, requirements, and solution architecture. We integrate hardware components and software for proof of concepts, demonstrations, through to system builds to meet specific customer needs.

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Breadth of Experience

With over 10 years of cloud installation experience in central office and datacenters, working in more than 25 major carrier data centers daily, KGPCo has the scale, scope and OEM partner relationships to provide one touch solutions in all data center environments.