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CanWISP 2023 Conference

March 27-29, 2023

Canadian Association of Wireless Internet Service Providers

CanWISP is an organization that represents Canadian Wireless Internet Service Providers.  We participate in legislative, regulatory and policy-informing processes on behalf of our member ISPs.  Our members provide fixed-wireless Internet access to households and business across Canada on networks that they have built, operate and maintain.  Our members live in, invest in, and employ people in the predominantly rural communities they serve. 

CanWISP is especially interested in ensuring that spectrum, which is a public resource, is used in the most efficient and beneficial manner for all Canadians.

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March 27-30, 2023

IWCE: Connecting Critical Communications

More than 5,000 key players in the mission-critical and business-critical communications industries are expected to attend IWCE 2023. Will you be there?!

March 20-22, 2023

Utah Rural Telecom Association

URTA is a group of independent telephone companies that have joined together to promote common interests and share ideas and knowledge.

March 26-29, 2023

11th Annual South Wireless Summit

Please join us for the 11th Annual South Wireless Summit.

March 21-23, 2023

Region 6 2023 Spring Meeting & EXPO

Please join us for the UTC Region 6 annual meeting and expo. We have an engaging event that is tailored to our members’ and stakeholders’ critical needs. 

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